Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Well, some of you might think that I have mistaken the word "laughing" with laphing but, actually I am writing about the interesting (at least it was for me) dish called laphing. As the name resembles with the word laughing, likewise, it will definitely make you smile after having it.
                             Laphing is a simple noodle dish seasoned with spices. It is a Tibetan street food. It can be eaten with red chili pepper, cilantro (धनियाँ) and green onion sauce. The noodles have slippery texture and are served with a soy sauce. It is quiet a summer food but can be enjoyed during winter times too.

                               The noodles of laphing is made from mung beans and is cooked overnight. Once the extract has settled, they are cut and formed into noodles. Then the noodles are kept in a bowl and topped with gluten and the salt, msg and chili are sprinkled to taste. Finally, the soy sauce is poured over that and garlic water is mixed. Now it is ready to be served. mmmmmmm!!!!

                                   In Kathmandu, this dish can be mostly found in Bouddha areas. Talking about my experience about the taste, I would have to say it was not what I actually expected after seeing it for the first time. The slippery noodles made me laugh because I was not able to catch it properly with my fork and the spices just made me love the dish. This food can take the taste buds by storm specially for the person who does not prefer more spicy food. But I would say it is definitely a dish to try at least once. It is a light dish and can be enjoyed at anytime of the day. So if you haven't taste the dish yet, then try it and I bet you will love it.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Raise your hands FOODIES!!!!! 🙌
You love foods? Then this is the right place for you.😋 
Even me and my friends are foodies and our love towards food has inspired us to create this blog. That is the reason this blog is titled as swadilo.blogspot.com where 'swadilo' means tasty in Nepali. In this blog, we promise to feature every interesting foods we eat and share the experience of how it tastes. So guys, don't loose your love towards foods and keep watching this space as the varieties of foods will be featured soon.